When you strip aside the interventions and the schooling and textbooks, we are humans who listen and connect to other humans. We are masters of pain because we find peace with pain. And pain, even more than love, is the only universal human experience. But we get to heal from it. We matter.
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About Nicole

Hello! I’m glad you’re here.

You may have found me through my book, Instagram page, or because you needed a writer or therapist. And if you ask me what I do for a living, I can’t answer your question with a clear-cut response. My career evolves as I evolve, and I remain open and intrigued about how my work continues to unfold.

Among my many titles, I identify as a licensed marriage and family therapist, bestselling author, professional speaker, content marketing guru, and sassy meme extraordinaire.

If I had to simplify what I do, I’d say it’s a coupling of disruption with inspiration. I disrupt current status quos about what it means to be a mental health professional, author, or even a woman in modern society. At first, what made me different made me feel ashamed. I wanted to blend in, and I desperately tried to avoid bringing my true self into my work. Today, I focus on disruption as a frontline model. Now I know that it’s the working force evoking maco and micro-level change.

But disruption without meaning can lead to external chaos and internal dissonance. That’s where my intention to inspire comes in: in every professional setting, I seek to leave impact and meaning. I strive to help you think differently, harness trapped courage, and embrace your authentic self.

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